"There are few people in the world who know Search Engine Optimization like Todd, and even fewer people who can have a outsized impact on the businesses they work with. Todd is driven and a pleasure to work with."

--Avinash Kaushik, Co-Founder, Market Motive Inc, and Analytics Evangelist, Google, Inc.

"Very few people can analyze a business on the web as efficiently and adroitly as Todd. His deep experience in the worlds of SEO, social media, startups and running the operations of successful web businesses make him uniquely remarkable. Mr. Malicoat does not know how to fail."

--Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOMOZ.org

"If I was to make a short list of people to go into business with Todd would make the list. In addition to his amazing technical abilities he is super loyal and trustworthy. If you are looking for a internet marketing consultant Todd is your guy!"

--Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker,

"Todd is an undisputed leader in SEO, social media, and online marketing. As important as the quality of his work is the quality of Todd's character. If you are looking to do anything online marketing related, call him. You will be impressed both by his work and by Todd as a person."

--Avichal Garg, CTO & Co-Founder, PrepMe

"Todd is in elite company when it comes to internet marketing. He is an expert in search engine optimization. In addition to his expertise in online marketing Todd has great management skills. Highly recommended."

--Patrick Gavin, President, Text Link Ads (business partner)

"I've known Todd since 2003, and during that time I've seen him grow to become one of the most respected people in Search. How has he done it? Hard work, relentless preparation, and an ethical approach to doing business. Todd has earned a lot of people's trust over the years, and I expect big things out of him in the years to come."

--Lawrence Coburn, CEO RateitAll.com

"Working with Todd turned out to be one of the best investments my company made. Tapping into his expertise and implementing a few of his ideas helped us achieve higher rankings and more sales. I would highly recommend his services to any company looking to tap into the treasure trove of social media marketing."

--Greg Hartnett, Co-Founder Best of the Web, Inc., BOTW.org

"Todd has proven himself time after time to be one of the foremost experts on search marketing on the globe."

--Loren Baker, Founder, Search Engine Journal, and Co-Founder Search and Social, LLC

"Todd has a great reputation in the SEO/SEM industry, and for good reason: He's got a dangerous combination of intelligence and creativity! He knows his stuff, and he's usually steps ahead of the latest trends. On top of all that, he's a great person who has been an invaluable help to me on a personal level. I can't recommend Todd highly enough."

--Matt McGee, SEO Manager, Marchex

"Todd Malicoat was ahead of his time ...beating Flickr and the host of drop-E companies that followed..."
- Chris Pirilio, Gnomedex

"He is, in my opinion, one of the brightest minds in our industry"
- Karl Ribas, Internet Marketing Consultant

"I've known Todd personally and professionally for over 5 years. I consider Todd one of the top 5 experts in the domain of internet marketing, in particular social media, affiliate marketing, and search engine marketing. My professional experience with Todd has been exceptional with Todd demonstrating extraordinary talent and a very hard, notable work ethic. I recommend Todd as a 10 out of 10 without hesitation. Anyone considering Todd's services can feel free to call me at 877-796-5700"
--Kristopher Jones, President & CEO, Pepperjam

Todd Malicoat (aka stuntdubl) has over 10 years of experience in internet marketing and 5 years experience consulting on search marketing management at an executive level.  He’s consulted and created training documentation for the Public Broadcast System (PBS.org), Meredith Corporation, Thomas Industrial, Rasmussen College, Real Networks, and other large brands.  As the SEO faculty chair for MarketMotive.com, Todd leads a comprehensive online marketing curriculum with other experts in all facets of internet marketing. Todd has been an active conference speaker at Search Engine Strategies, Webmaster World Pubcon, Search Marketing Expo, Affiliate Summit, and other industry conferences for several years on various aspects of online media including search and social media.

Armed with the funding of a generous angel investor, Todd developed a process to find, negotiate, and purchase undervalued websites like CollegeDegree.com. These sites were redeveloped and further monetized using proven strategies for creating sustainable web properties with substantial appreciation in relatively short periods of time.  This proprietary process for identifying and redeveloping web properties is the foundation for Todd’s current and future ventures, and has provided returns of over 500% in a year on the above respective sites.

As a thought leader in the online business world he has been named among the top 50 Most Influential Marketer’s of 2008 and 2009 by Invesp.com, and Top 40 Most Influential in Search Marketing by GSInc.co.uk in 2007. He has been cited by Inc. Magazine, The Sydney Herald, Website Magazine, The New York Post, Infoworld, and many other media outlets on search, reputation management, social media, and other web related issues. Todd also runs a blog that covers all areas of web traffic acquisition called Stuntdubl.com - that echoes his mantra of "Getting hit by traffic...not cars."

Todd completed a dual-bachelors degree program in Computer Information Management/Business Administration from Northwood University in the summer of '03 after completing his thesis on Planning, Developing, and Promoting a Successful Website for Small Business, while simultaneously running an web design and consulting firm Meta4creations, LLC. Todd was an Internet marketing consultant with System And Market Services of America (SAMSA) in Saginaw, MI, and has done project management and internet marketing for several dozen small to medium size businesses and a handful of larger corporations. He was then the VP of Sales and Marketing for We Build Pages in upstate NY where he helped to double sales in under a years time, before entering full-time consultancy for the past 4 years. Todd currently offers internet marketing lessons at Market Motive, and consults for a select group of clients.

Below: Interviews and other information (not updated since April '09)

IMSB with Todd Malicoat (blogtalkradio)

April 19th, 2009

Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation

March 26th, 2009

By Chris Crum - Thu, 03/26/2009 - 16:22
SEO Benefits of Twitter, Facebook, Etc.
We hear a whole lot of talk about social media marketing these days. There is plenty of evidence that there are great benefits to this medium, but there are still many questions about it as well. What  questions do you have?
I thought it [...]

Meet the Top 10 Most Influential Marketers….

December 18th, 2008

Chris Hughes and other online marketers. Chris Hughes  led the online marketing portion of Barak’s campaign

Video: Todd Malicoat and Brent Csutoras on Building a Social Media Profile from PubCon 2008

December 18th, 2008

If you haven’t jumped onto the social media bandwagon, you had better get on or you’ll fall behind. Most people are active on at least one social media site, if not several, because they realize the benefits of it.
The problem is that people seem to neglect building their profile. Brent Csutoras in the above video [...]

5 experts demystify SEO link building

September 9th, 2008

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SES: The Mystery of Link Marketing

September 9th, 2008

It’s no secret that Google frowns upon the buying and selling of links. Todd Malicoat of Stuntdubl.com tells WebProNews that even if Google approved of paid links, your problems wouldn’t be solved in the mere process of purchasing links. You still need to market your links. Watch as Todd explains more about link marketing in [...]

The History of SEO - Interview with Csutoras & Winfield

August 30th, 2008

Interview with Csutoras, Malicoat & Winfield (source)
MARK: We’re sitting here with Chris Winfield, Todd Malicoat, and Brent Csutoras. This is an all star crew, and we’re at SES New York, March 2008. We’re just going to talk about what got you guys into search, how you got started and some of the obstacles you ran [...]